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Zifnab's Journal

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
7:47 pm - Let all ye know thy are a subject of the exaulted Zif
Let it be known ye who dare walk in the bright and glorious light that is Zif that on this day, the 26th of February, Zif hath updated his live journal for no particular reason. This most strange occasion will surely be remarked upon for many years, but fear not, for further updates may, upon the grace that is Zif, be forthcoming.

current mood: pleased

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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
2:56 pm - WORK!
So I got a job recently, I've been doing it since monday, it's pretty cool and I'm really getting the hang of it! In any case I'm certainly finally using my college education a little bit so that is good. (Though I am hoping to move into parts of the company that use it slightly more, it's still decent work) The people are cool and friendly and the place is reasonably laid back so that's good. Anyway got to go, more later.

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
1:02 am - everyone else was doing it
Everyone else was doing it, so I figured why not?



also watch that video from my last post peoples.

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Monday, March 13th, 2006
1:11 am - Spore will be awesome
Click this link, watch this video it's 35 minutes long but it's more than worth watching.  This could quite possibly be the best game ever, seriously, it's called Spore and it's all done procedurealy nothing pre-rendered/made.  You must watch it, you must spread it's awesomeness.  I've been following this game since last year, but chris just sent me the link, anyway view it and be impressed, even if you hate all that is video games.  Yes I mean you!

current mood: impressed

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
4:02 am - ATTENTION!!!
So I noticed today that I hadn't posted to my livejournal in forever, why this journal used to be almost lively! active! full of whit... well whenever I wasn't moping about at any point. Obviously I am no longer up to the task, at least for the moment so I am calling on you! yes I mean you, over there... no not you, but yes you! okay so now that you know who you are it's time that you wrote (in my comments section) my next entry! I will rate all entries on a scale of God of Small things, to lets say Ender's game.</generic>

Oh and if anyone ends up taking this for their own journal they may be temporarily unable to post to the highest caliber for, make sure to take all credit for having come up with it which I did come up with it every last word of it and insist others do the same, however do inexplicably end it with "zebras are mammals" because zebras are mammals.

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
11:07 pm - Guitar Hero
You know what rocks? This song list. It's from Guitar Hero. The game comes with a GUITAR CONTROLLER. You get to Rock out, it's totally sweet haha. :ets Just say I highly reccomend it, check it out.

"Ace Of Spades"
"Bark at the Moon"
"Cowboys from Hell"
"Fat Lip"
"Heart Full of Black"
"Hey You"
"Higher Ground"
"I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
"I Wanna Be Sedated"
"Iron Man"
"Killer Queen"
"More than a Feeling"
"No One Knows"
"Sharp Dressed Man"
"Smoke on the Water"
"Spanish Castle Magic"
"Symphony of Destruction"
"Take It Off"
"Take Me Out"
"Texas Flood"
"Thunderkiss '65"
"You've Got Another Thing Comin"
"Ziggy Stardust"

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
1:22 pm - Mirrormask and Memmories
Okay so first of all why I havn't I heard you folks ranting about Mirrormask yet? Maybe you have but it's by the director of Labrinth and Dark Crystal, and written by Neil Gaiman damnit. Haha, now I want to see it.

Also just for kicks, look at this pic I dug up while rearanging my room.
New Years 2000-2001

current mood: nostalgic

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Saturday, October 8th, 2005
10:36 pm - yeah so I'm predicting boredom
So I havn't updated in awhile, not much has been going on really. I've got the next two days off if anyone is interested in taking up some of my time, though I'm assuming everyone will be busy when I actually know I have some free time haha. Anyway if I have the time I'll see about putting up a real entry about something interesting haha.

current mood: bored

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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
5:03 am
So if selling souls wasn't enough now you have the killing of whales and the like, go soulxchange guy haha. http://www.nomorewhales.com/register.php?ref=218 not sure if I'll actually pay too much attention to this one, but it's still funny.

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
12:16 am

current mood: infuriated

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
12:19 pm - space is big
okay lord of the rings fans, take a look at who's watching from space.


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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
3:39 am - Graduatifycation
That's right folks I graduated, I'm sure you are quite surprised ^.~ All in all it was a good event if a little long. It didn't really strike me as much at all as I first started walking through the crowd towards the seats. But after I turned that corner and broke free from all the people into the stark contrast of rows of empty seats about to be filled by my peers it all hit me at once. I feel like of late I've been able to attain a new focus for myself as well as solidifing my ideals and oppinions. (more detail on that later).

The Graduate:

The Evidence:

hehe I don't even think any of you noticed my last entry so I'm not LJ cutting the pics =P

current mood: anxious

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Saturday, May 21st, 2005
7:41 am
so I'm just about to head off to, yes that's right, college graduation, more to come including pics ^_^

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Friday, April 1st, 2005
10:49 am - Hare die!
So I now have both hair dye and bleach in my possesiion, it is only a matter of time before the blue returns MWahahwaHWHWhahawhaHWhaHWhwahw HA! Now I just need to actually do the deed as it were ^_^. Going with electric blue this time, the color I could never find before but was originally going to try way back in HS when I did it for the first time ^_^ Strangely I actually remember the whole original process quite well including Phil explaining the merits of clairol Ultra blue (makes hair white go figure) and special effects brand. hehe I also remember that without activator the bleach didn't really do much of anything. I think it's funny that people are surprised I'd dye my hare really, I mean I'm no magician, but I don't see why I can't wear a blue rabbit on my head for awhile ^_^. Now run, run before my ramblings and bad puns drive you mad! MWahahwaHWHWhahawhaHWhaHWhwahw HA! ahem...

current mood: groggy

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
5:47 pm - Possible cool things that could be happening.
so it looks like at some point in april an article, and almost certainly pictures, involving me will be in the New York Times. Pretty cool eh? Also, the synergy project has also spawned the ergo-genic research I'm involved in, which has the potential to obtain 5 million dollars in funding in the near future. So if all goes well there will be...

1. Article about RPI games development with talk about synergy involved
2. A picture (or maybe more than one) with me demonstraiting the game and studio spaces
3. An awsome job though application of a research grant designing active games to help people lose weight and get in shape.

It's all tenative, especially the last part, but if all goes well somehow what I've done here could let me be successful whee.

-Zif, gettin back to work.

current mood: determined

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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
3:25 am - back in town
I'm back in town! woot woot, hit me with the aims about doing stuff, common, I can take it, I like doin stuff =P

-rezident Zifasauraus

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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
9:17 pm
Sorry I havn't been around much, but when you work 12 hour days then sleep 8 to recover there isn't much time left haha. Luckily the bad time is just this one week after that the hours will go back to a much more sane 8 or so and I won't be so tired hopefully. Still I'm looking forward to the nice overtime on this paycheck hehe.

Btw, Nell icons are the ultra shiznit, and I mean that, even the ultra. hell especially the ultra ^_^

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
7:43 am - And so it continues
Taking a momentary break in the lab I've been in for who knows how long... Was doing the work on my computer till the thing decided that editing textures = crash... I really need to look into what the hell is up with the poor thing. Anyway I havn't slept in quite awhile, but I'm doing allright so far. A few hallucinations here or there and a bit of neck strain from head snapping can be handled for now. It's killing my productivity tho.

On the happier front I did so well in my Earth Science class I don't have to take the final, very sweet, means I'm done as soon as I finish my last 4 projects... not so free I'm afraid, still one less thing to worry about. Another class updated me on my grades, it looks like a pretty comfortable A, so that's cool. So long as I don't mess up what I have to code anyway. So right now Animation mainly hangs in the balance, what I'm working on right now, I hope it's good enough, it's hard to tell haha.

current mood: very tired

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
5:07 am - It's Guessing time!
OKay guys it's that time again! Everyone take guesses as to how many hours before I get sleep. I've got 4 projects due this week, but that's your only hint!. As of this post (5AM monday morning) I've been up 17 hours! What will the final total be? Winner gets some custom image editing item done by me when I next have free time ^_^ (could be awhile)

Note: Head nodding in class doesn't count unless I skip at least 15 minutes!

current mood: busy

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Friday, October 15th, 2004
2:30 am - random guesses
Read the following:

Natural Material: Its color and texture make a rom of peace...Its warmth and gentleness relieve one's mind... Its simplicity and naivete never lose one's interest...Our lives and culter were made from and were developed by natural materials. In busy, everyday life, people of today have less chance to touch nature. Flower, nuts, ocean, twig, rock, leaf, wind, sky, sand, tree, water, river, froest, soil, plant and the earth... The blessings of people. Take a pause, have a rest. Then, look back yourself and reconsider your life.

Okay everyone, now take a guess what this text was advertising for!

current mood: amused

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